Using the name of our Medical Director Dr. Hakan Özörnek; who is one of the founders of EUROFERTIL IVF Centers and who has been the CEO of  EUROFERTIL for nearly 21 years, and using the information about IVF treatment published on Fox News, promotional campaigns of so-called GuavaPlus Serum have been broadcasted in digital platforms and social media for a while. We would like to inform you that we have taken legal action against the persons and organizations responsible for such promotional shows.

Based on 21 years of experience and without compromising ethical values, EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Treatment Center provides services to many families wishing to have children and coming from Turkey and from many places around the world. Thus, EUROFERTIL enabled thousands of families to have the joy of having children in the largest number of centers in this treatment area. Since the first day of its establishment, EUROFERTIL has become a brand that has adopted the principle of not applying any treatment method to its patients unless the methods have been approved by international health organizations. We owe a debt to protect our patients and our dedicated EUROFERTIL family against such frauds that exploit hopes for commercial purposes. 

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