Our Story

The idea of establishing Eurofertil originated in Germany in 1999. Even the idea of founding a private centre offering services only in infertility diagnosis and treatment was not on the agenda when Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centre was founded in Istanbul in the lead of Medical Director Hakan  Ozornek, M.D. who was working in In Vitro Fertilization Unit of Gynaecology Clinic at Dusseldorf University. 

As the first and only centre that offers services about reproductive health and in vitro fertilization, Eurofertil allows special patient groups to enjoy the superior and privileged services provided with a special approach as is done by its peers in the other parts of the World.

Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centre that obtained license on April 2001 helped thousands of families to enjoy the happiness of having a baby and completed their family picture thanks to pregnancy rates achieved above the global standards for 16 years.

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