It is Bursa's First Private Center Focused Only on Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment 

Our center started its operations in 2005 as Bursa's first IVF center and has been serving patients in its current building as Bursa EUROFERTIL since 2015. 

Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center is the first health clinic dedicated to reproductive health and IVF services. It offers a world class service with special approches to special patient groups.

At Bursa EUROFERTIL, our expert team offers couples who want to have children services at every level; from the simplest tests and treatments to the highest level of assisted reproductive technologies. Until today, it has pioneered all technical and scientific innovations in its field and continues to do so. 

Personalized Treatment 

Bursa EUROFERTIL is the only center that offers different IVF treatment options to different patients and provides truly personalized treatment services.  

IVF has been practiced since 1978. In the 45 year old in vitro fertilization practice, the modern concept of 'personalized treatment' is rapidly becoming widespread. Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center provides services with the understanding of "personalized treatment", giving prospective parents the chance to choose the most suitable one among different treatment options. 

So what is “Personalized Treatment”? 

Infertility rates continue to increase every day globally, therefore the number of patients applying for IVF treatment is also increasing. Infertility can have many causes, and these causes are specific to the patient's situation.  From the different medical histories of each patient to their reproductive health, everything that can cause infertility affects the treatment process. 

Based on the principle of "You cannot get the right answer without asking the right question", the concept of personalized treatment favors finding the causes of infertility and a flexible treatment instead of using a standardized treatment for every patient. 

At Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center, all the factors that prevent prospective parents from having a baby are listed after a detailed reproductive health check-up before building a treatment plan. The chances of success of a treatment in Bursa EUROFERTIL, that takes into account the different characteristics and problems of each expectant mother and father, are therefore much higher than those of other centers that apply stock standard procedures. 

The Importance of “Personalized Treatment” 

A patient-specific and holistic treatment approach for the couple enables Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center to achieve IVF success rates above the world average, which means that families can embrace the baby of their dreams and have a child. 

Specialists in the field of IVF treatment should be able to explain to their patients that each woman has a different ovarian reserve and quality, and that women vary greatly from the immune system to many other factors. Here, doctor-patient communication and the trust between the IVF center and the expectant parents is crucial. 

In Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center, the unique condition of the patients who want to become parents are determined and the most appropriate treatment method to remedy the causes is determined. After this stage, the parent candidates who long for a baby are explained in detail when, how and why which treatment will be applied. 

One of the many factors affecting the success of IVF is that the patient feels safe and is aware of what she is going through in this sensitive process. Being a clinic specialized only on IVF brought Bursa EUROFERTIL the understanding that informing couples with infertility problems about their own bodies and its problems makes a massive psychological difference for women and men during the IVF process. The tradition of specializing only in IVF and being the pioneer of the 'personalized treatment' approach has inevitably brought new treatment options. 

IVF Success Rates 

Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center has a higher pregnancy rate than the average pregnancy rate of clinics in Europe and United States. These success rates are undoubtedly the result of striving to meet the criteria prospective parents trying to find the best IVF clinic pay attention to. 

Our family grows with our babies born every day. 

Quality of Service 

One of the most important determining factors when choosing between IVF Centers is undoubtedly service quality. The service policy of Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center is to ensure that couples with infertility problems longing for a baby will remember this important and sensitive treatment period as a good memory. Each department in the in the IVF process consists of distinguished personnel who are expert in their fields. As a centre that applies a patient-specific treatment approach, we continue our work without compromising our unique service quality at any stage of your treatment. 

The Experience of Bursa EUROFERTIL Team 

Bursa EUROFERTIL, the first centre in Bursa to specialize solely on the field of reproductive health and in vitro fertilization, offers the most superior and privileged service with a special approach to special patient groups similar to its counterparts around the world. Opened in 2005, our centre has touched the lives of thousands of families thanks to its experienced and dynamic staff and allowed them to embrace their babies with pregnancy rates above world standards. All colleagues who make up the Bursa EUROFERTIL family are dynamic, competent, experienced and friendly. 


Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center offers the most suitable pricing and payment options for the budget of prospective parents while offering personalized treatment options. Unlike other clinics, instead of imposing unnecessary cost on the patient through unnecessary services under the name of standard packages, pricing and payment options are determined from the beginning for only the necessary procedures specific to the patient's condition. The medical condition of the patient and the most appropriate treatment planning are taken into consideration first, and then the necessary budgeting is done from the beginning in the most economical way. 

Proven Treatment 

One of the most distinguishing features of Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center is that, unlike some centres, it applies only medically proven diagnostic and treatment methods to patients who long for a baby and does not offer nor provide any treatment that has not been scientifically proven to be beneficial. Our physicians refuse to provide any diagnosis or treatment that will not be beneficial to the patient and will only bring additional costs, even if the patient requests it. 

Latest Technology 

Every diagnostic and treatment method with proven effectiveness is offered to patients undergoing treatment at Bursa EUROFERTIL IVF Center simultaneously with the modern world. 

As the first centre to use the Embryoscope in Bursa, we increase pregnancy rates by selecting the best embryo that can create pregnancy by using it effectively in embryo selection. 

The genetic structure of embryos can be examined in more detail with the High Resolution NGS method, which is beneficial to older expectant mothers, women with recurrent IVF failures or recent miscarriages. Thus, embryos with damage in smaller regions can be differentiated, making a significant contribution to increasing the chance of pregnancy. Performing 'trophectoderm biopsy' at the blastocyst stage is a procedure that requires experience, and our experienced team is proficient in performs the biopsy procedure without damaging the embryo. 

Our embryology team, which has been using the vitrification method effectively for a long time, has a very high success rate, are capable of obtaining 99% viable embryos after thawing frozen embryos. 

Moral and Ethical Values 

Parent candidates have to choose their guides in this sensitive process while making the most important decision of their lives. Bursa EUROFERTIL, which is aware of this responsibility, does not approve any medically unproven treatment and does not offer it to its patients. The founding staff of EUROFERTIL, who published many papers in scientific journals, joined and chaired sessions in IVF congresses, and are respected in the IVF world, have never compromised its ethical principles while ensuring EUROFERTIL Clinic has a pregnancy rate higher than the average of the of US and Europe. Bursa EUROFERTIL carries the principle of preventing the patient from being financially and morally exhausted due to unnecessary procedures by determining a treatment specific to the patient's condition. 

Unlike many other IVF centres, Bursa EUROFERTIL does not advertise unproven practices and opposes their testing on patients. When a patient comes to Bursa EUROFERTIL with the request to have an unproven procedure under the assurance of EUROFERTIL by saying "other centres have this procedure", Bursa EUROFERTIL will explain its scientific basis (or lack thereof) and inform the patient that it cannot be done despite having the infrastructure and technology to perform such treatments. 


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