Anxiety is Inevitable in IVF Treatment, But We Are With You!

Is there a formula for happiness?

Stress and anxiety are emotional states that are present in every phase of life. Discomfort and obsessions (learnt superstitions, subculture)... People experience result anxiety in daily life and before every purpose we aim to reach. What will the result be like?

People always want to be happy but HAPPINESS? FORMULA?

Does life just mean a reward?

And if life were just a reward...

For example, luxury life with one hand on butter, the other on honey... Everything that you touch turns into gold. You don't have any aim, stress, anxiety. Doesn't it sound nice? However, the magic wand does not discriminate, it turns everything into gold, even water, the elixir of life. Of course, every positive development also has disadvantages, just like in stress, enough is as good as a feast.

There is neither a perfect life nor a person; perfectionism is just a concept.

Anxiety is inevitable in IVF treatment!

In IVF treatment, couples might become mother and father in the first treatment, whereas they can also confront a negative result after the treatment. Actually, the most natural feelings are stress and anxiety... It is based on the result but an unknown result; what if it is not conceived, if it is not conceived again?

Of course, the parents are in physical and moral expectation to reach the target immediately. The parents who have experienced a negative result become anxious about the possibility of repeating the same result. This feeling might often cause the patient to think about a new treatment, it may prevent taking another step, but the negative turns into a positive result, there is no lack of solution in life.

We constantly deal with worries and anxieties and complicate our lives with psychological traumas. There have always been financial and moral losses and will always be; the important thing is to reach the reward with patience. We will take our precautions, then there will be the reward.

We are with you throughout your treatment as EUROFERTIL family!

Trust your doctor. In your personal treatment, your part is to be calm and take your medicine regularly. Our clinical staff will always be with you throughout your treatment and will help you to go through this process in the healthiest way possible. We are here for psychological support and a healthy treatment process.

Stay healthy...

Psychologist Sule Bektan


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