Ease of Payment for IVF Treatment Fee from EUROFERTIL!

As EUROFERTIL IVF Centre, we believe that every couple who want it should have a baby. We are aware of the hardship experienced with regard to IVF Treatment fees and medicine costs.
Thanks to our intensive negotiations, you can receive your treatment without experiencing financial difficulties; DenizBank will provide you loans with special payment terms for our patients. 
According to the agreement with DenizBank, if you meet the loan usage conditions, you can use a loan for your IVF treatment fee and pay in instalments with low-interest rates. There is an example of payment plan below. However, it must not be forgotten that  IVF treatment is a personal treatment. The fee of treatment varies from one person to another. 


20,000.00 TL


3,633.43 TL

21,800.57 TL

20,000.00 TL


2,511.51 TL

22,603.55 TL

20,000.00 TL


1,952.10 TL

23,425.25 TL

* Monthly instalment amount varies according to the loan amount. The table above is an example. It does not include any information about the 2022 IVF Treatment fee.

* Loan allotment fee and life insurance are collected separately according to the age of the person and loan term.

* Loan usage applies to the citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

After examination in our center, your personal treatment process will be determined by our doctors; then, you will be informed by our patient relations coordinators. You can consult our financial department for easy terms of payment and you can get detailed information about the loan conditions.
Our purpose is to serve you the best and provide an excellent experience for you throughout your treatment.

For detailed information and appointments, you can always contact us on our WhatsApp line 0541 324 58 85 or by calling our phone number  0216 47 47 047 ,or you can let us reach you if you leave your contact information by filling out one of the Make an Appointment and Ask a Question forms on our website.
Do not let financial worries postpone your dreams of having a child. We are always with you as EUROFERTIL family; your satisfaction is our top priority.

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