Infertility and Smoking

It is a generally known fact that smoking is hazardous for your lungs and it causes lung cancer. But patients must be aware that smoking also lowers the fertility chance and damages the development of the baby after the conception is achieved.

Effects of smoking on women’s health

Latest studies has shown that the smoking causes harm to female health. Damage increases according to the frequency of smoking. Ingredients in the cigarette, like nicotine and tar, reduces the oscillation of estrogen and can increase the egg cell’s susceptibility to genetic anomality. By reducing the quantity of egg cells and causing the loss of them, it can also cause early menopause.

Effects of smoking on men’s health

Smoking slows the movement of the sperm cells and can cause a morphological dysfunction in sperm cells. Researches show that even passive smoking can be hazardous to sperm cells.

IVF Treatment and Smoking

During the treatment, smoking can reduce the quantity of egg cells, success chance and increases the risk of miscarriage. Studies show that, quitting smoking 2 months before treatment can increase the success chance, while continuing during the treatment can drastically reduce. Although long term smoking permanently damages the egg cells, quitting before starting the treatment can positively effect the success chance. Smoking during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, genetic anomality, can seriously harm both baby and mother’s health. Studies also show that smoking in the same environment with the baby increases the chance of experiencing sudden infant death syndrome in the household.


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