The Precautions We Have Taken As EUROFERTIL IVF Center Against COVID-19 (New Corona Virus Disease):

1. In general:
Hand cleaning should be given importance. Hands should be washed with normal soap for at least 20 seconds. In the absence of soap and water, alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be used.
Mouth, nose and eyes should not be touched without washing hands.
Contact with sick individuals should be avoided.
Healthy individuals do not need to use masks.
Avoid crowded places.

2. As Eurofertil IVF Center,
Starting from the entrance area to our clinic for the hygiene of our patients and employees, the inside of the elevator, the office rooms, door handles, all toilets and floors are cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectant.
Alcohol-based hand disinfectant is available to our patients in all patient contact areas.
In order to protect the hygiene integrity by minimizing the contact of our patients with each other, the intervals of our appointments are opened as much as possible.



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