What is Micro-TESE?

TESE is obtaining sperms from the tissue taking from the testicles of patients with no sperm cell in the semen, through a microscopic operation.


Who Are Eligible?

TESE is a surgical procedure applied to persons with no sperm cell in the semen. The absence of sperm cell in the semen can be caused by various problems:

  • Blockage in the sperm channels.
  • Congenital absence of the sperm channels.
  • Hormonal factors.
  • Genetic factors, genes that allow sperm production are on the Y chromosome. Problems in these genes affect sperm production.
  • Radiation: radiation particularly due to cancer treatment may completely eliminate sperm production sometimes, and this situation may be permanent.
  • Drugs: some drugs particularly used in the treatment of cancer can permanently stop sperm production.
  • Infection (after mumps)

How Micro-TESE operation is performed?

Micro-TESE procedure is a painless procedure performed under anesthesia. Tissue samples at least from four different points of both testes are taken under microscope. Tissue samples taken are put into a series of processes and live sperm cells are separated. These cells are used for microinjection procedure.

Micro-TESE procedure is different from testis biopsy. Samples are taken from a single region of testicles in the biopsy. However, other parts of the testicle may produce sperm. For this reason, sperm cells can be obtained with TESE procedure in patients with no sperm cell found as a result of the testicular biopsy.

Sperm cells obtained as a result of micro-TESE are frozen and stored and then the patient can be admitted to the in vitro fertilization program. On the contrary, there is a risk of applying treatment to the female spouse for no reason.


The freezing procedure does not deteriorate the sperm quality. In addition, repeated TESE surgery is prevented for patients who need in vitro fertilization for the second time.


Considerations before Micro-TESE

  • You should not eat or drink at least 6 hours before the operation (including water).
  • Clean the operation region with a razor blade. Take a bath.
  • Bring loose trousers or sweat pants with you as the pressure on the testicles will cause pain after the operation.
  • You will be discharged from the hospital 1 to 2 hours after the operation.

Considerations after Micro-TESE

  • You can start taking liquid food within 3 hours after the operation.
  • You can bath 5 days after the operation.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse for a week.
  • You can use pain killer in case you have pain.
  • Inform your physician any redness, swelling, bleeding on the operation site.
  • Micro-TESE procedure does require any suture removal as the sutures used are self-dissolving. The sutures will dissolve spontaneously in 7 to 10 days.


Obtaining live sperm cells cannot be guaranteed in micro-TESE. This risk depends on the underlying cause.Chances of finding sperm in a patient with occluded sperm ducts is higher than patients with a hormonal or genetic disorder. Post-operative infection, bleeding on the operation site rarely occur.


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