Selection of the best sperm for microinjection

Selecting the best sperm for microinjection is very important to increase the pregnancy rates. Even though the selected sperm has a very good shape, we cannot know whether or not there is any excess or deficiency in its chromosome number or its maturity is complete. If the sperm's DNA is damaged, this also will increase the risk of abortion in pregnancies occurred. For this reason, selecting the best sperm is of great importance for microinjection.

Systems called IMSI that usually enlarge sperm views highly and then select for the best sperm selection are used during microinjection procedure. The view of the sperm cell is highly enlarged and examined and then, sperms without any problem in their shape are selected. However, selecting the sperm to be used for microinjection by only its shape will not be enough. A good shape of the sperm is not the evidence that its genetic structure is normal shape or its maturity is complete. For this reason, we select sperms by using a solution called SpermSlow during the microinjection SpermSlow contains an agent that is normally found around the egg and used by the egg to select the sperm. With this method, we can be sure that maturity of the selected sperms is complete and they have a normal chromosome rate higher than the previous selection methods. We can achieve better result by obtaining better quality embryos with this selection method.

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