What the sperm test tells us?

The sperm test is the easiest and most important test among the tests used to diagnose male infertility.  When it is applied correctly, the spermyogram is very important for understanding how the treatment will be applied.

Based on our experiences up to today, we see that mobility is low in the samples brought from abroad.  Therefore, we want our patients to give their samples in the rooms specially designed for this operation to get the right result. A sexual abstinence should be applied between 2-7 days before giving sample so that the spermyogram test can produce accurate and healthy result.

Normal values for the sperm test

(WHO, World Health Organization, 2010)
  Minimum 15 million / ml
Motility A total of 40 million / ml with motility in minimum
  A total of 32 million / ml with motility in minimum
Morphology: minimum 4%

As an egg can be fertilized only by a sperm with the normal shape, the rate of sperm with normal shape in the test should be at least 4%. If the normal morphology has a value below 4%, microinjection (ICSI) is strongly recommended.

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