What the sperm test tells us?

The easiest and most important one among the tests for the diagnosis of male infertility is the sperm testing. Performing semen analysis correctly has a great importance for directing the treatment to be administered.

When samples are evaluated, declines in motility of the samples brought from outside can be observed. Therefore, we request our patients to provide their samples in the room specially prepared for this purpose in our clinic. A sexual abstinence period of 2 to 7 days is recommended for a healthy measurement of samples by the spermiogram.

Normal values for the sperm test

(WHO, World Health Organization, 2010)
Minimum 15 million / ml
Motility A total of 40 million / ml with motility in minimum
  A total of 32 million / ml with motility in minimum
Morphology: minimum 4%

As an egg can be fertilized only by a sperm with the normal shape, the rate of sperm with normal shape in the test should be at least 4%. If the normal morphology has a value below 4%, microinjection (ICSI) is strongly recommended.

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