What the Ultrasound Examination tells us?

One of the most important steps during he first interview is vaginal ultrasound examination that we want to perform especially on the third day of the menstrual cycle. The vaginal ultrasound examination, preferred due to the provision of better quality images compared to the abdomen ultrasound, is harmless and takes about 10 minutes. The aim of the basal ultrasonography is to evaluate the ovarian capacity in women declining especially depending on age because ovarian capacity is the most important and the most effective parameter in the treatment.

Findings we pay attention in the of transvaginal ultrasonography performed on the 3rd to 5th days of the menstrual cycle;

Appearance, dimensions of the uterus and thickness of the intra uterine membrane:

This procedure investigates whether or not there is any anomaly with the appearance of the uterus (double uterus, polyps, intra uterine adhesive and cataract).

Evaluation of the tubes:

Tubes are examined for any expansion (hydrosalpinx), and damage.

Evaluation of the ovaries:

Ovarian structure, dimension, contained antral follicle numbers, relationship with the uterus, cystic structures are examined. The capacity of the ovaries is determined by the contained antral follicle (follicles 2mm to 5mm in diameter) number. Other cystic structures are also taken into consideration while determining the ovarian capacity.

What the Ultrasound Examination tells us?

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