What the Ultrasound Examination tells us?

One of the most important phase of the first visit is the vaginal ultrasound we would like to apply particularly on the third day of the menstruation. Vaginal ultrasonography preferred due to higher quality than the abdominal ultrasonography does not give any harm and it takes approximately 10 minutes. The purpose of basal ultrasonography is to view the ovary capacity of the women which is reduced by age. Ovary capacity is the most important and effective parameter in the treatment plan of patients.
FDiagnostics during transvaginal ultrasonography on the 3rd-5th day of menstruation

Appearance, dimensions of the uterus and thickness of the intra uterine membrane:

This procedure investigates whether or not there is any anomaly with the appearance of the uterus (double uterus, polyps, intra uterine adhesive and cataract).

Evaluation of the tubes:

Tubes are examined for any expansion (hydrosalpinx), and damage.

Evaluation of the ovaries:

Structure, size of ovaries, the number of antral follicles, the relationship with uterus, the cyst formations are examined. The capacity of ovaries is determined by the number of antral follicles contained (follicles with diameter of 2-5 mm). Cysts that may be present in the ovaries 


 What does Ultrasonography Tell Us?

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