How is a pregnancy test done?

The process between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test in IVF treatment are days that are eagerly and impatiently awaited by the mother-to-be. It takes 12 days for the embryo cells placed in the uterus to produce the hormone called beta-HCG and for this hormone to reach a measurable level in the mother's blood. The most appropriate time to perform the pregnancy test is the 12th day after the transfer procedure since the rise in the hormone level in the blood, which is measured for the diagnosis of pregnancy, reaches a measurable level after 10-12 days. The Beta HCG hormone begins to rise in the blood after the implantation, the attachment of the embryo, and the pregnancy result is read on the 12th day with the blood pregnancy test.

There is no need to be hungry or full for this test. Our patients not able to come to our clinic for a pregnancy test can have this test done in any biochemistry laboratory in their location.

We invite our patients with a positive pregnancy test for ultrasound control to detect the gestational sac 10 days later. Our patients outside of the province or who go abroad can have these check-ups done where they are.


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