Semen Analysis (Spermiogram)

Spermiogram is the easiest to perform and the most important of the tests used in making the diagnosis of male infertility. A correctly performed spermiogram is critical to gain an insight for treatment planning.

Based on our experience to date, we observe low sperm motility in the samples submitted for examination from external centers. Therefore; in order to obtain correct results, we ask our patients to provide their semen samples in our clinic, in  rooms specially prepared for this procedure.  In order for the test results to be correct and adequate, sexual abstinence for 2-7 days should be practiced before the sample is obtained.

Normal Values ​​for Spermiogram (WHO, World Health Organization, 2010)

Number: At least 15 million/ml
Motility: At least 40% of total mobility
Morphology: At least 4% are normal.

The egg can only be fertilized by a sperm with normal morphology (appearance). It is indicated that ratio of sperms having a normal shape should be at least 4%. If the resulting value is below the 4% limit, microinjection (ICSI) should be performed definitely.

We are waiting for all men, wishing to become fathers, to visit our Eurofertil IVF Center to have their spermiogram tests performed without wasting time!


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