What is Uterine Film (HSG)?

Hysterosalpingography, or medicated uterine film, is the process of taking and evaluating the x-ray of the uterus and its tubes by injecting a special radiopaque liquid from the cervix into the uterus. It is used to monitor the condition of the uterus and tubes in women.

To Whom Should HSG Be Offered?

  • It is recommended for women who cannot have children to determine if there is a blockage in the tubes.
  • It is recommended for patients with recurrent miscarriages to determine if there is a structural disorder in the uterus.
  • HSG is recommended especially to patients whose periods have decreased or stopped after abortion and intrauterine operations to determine if there are adhesions in the uterus.

Is HSG Always Recommended in IVF Treatment with Vaccination Treatment? What is the difference between them?

The openness of the tubes must be confirmed with hysterosalpingography (HSG) before the vaccination treatment of couples who cannot have children. But hysterosalpingography is not always necessary if IVF treatment is planned. Because even if there is a blockage in the tubes, it does not prevent the pregnancy since the eggs are fertilized with sperm in the laboratory environment. However, if it is suspected in the ultrasound examination that there is fluid accumulation in the tube or a structural defect in the uterus, it can be confirmed with a uterine film.

When Should Uterus Film Be Taken?

One of the questions frequently asked by our patients is when they should have a uterine film taken. The uterine film should be taken within 1-2 days following the end of menstruation by an obstetrician or radiologist.

Is HSG a painful procedure? Does It Require Anesthesia?

Hysterosalpingography is generally a painless procedure and does not require anesthesia. If the patient has difficulty in having a vaginal examination, it can be performed under general anesthesia. Hysterosalpingography (HSG) should be performed after treatment if the patient has a vaginal or pelvic infection.

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