In vitro fertilization approach that finds the ‘Golden Egg’


In vitro fertilization treatment is applied since 1978. ‘Personalized treatment’ approach is becoming more and more popular in the in vitro fertilization treatment that is applied for nearly 40 years. Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centre based on the visionary approach of Op. Hakan Ozornek, Hakan Ozornek maintains its position as the first centre that introduced ‘personalized treatment’ approach; provides the prospective parents to select the most suitable option among different treatment options; and implements the selected options.



What is Personalized Treatment?




As the ‘infertility’ rates increasing around the world, the number of patients applying for In Vitro Fertilization Treatment also increases. Infertility may be caused by numerous reasons and these reasons have different aspects specific to the condition of each patient. Different characteristics of prospective parents, reproductive health of couples, in brief, any factor that may cause infertility would affect the treatment process.


In parallel the principle that ‘If you don’t ask the right question, you would not get the right answer’, causes of infertility for each couple or individual and the relevant factors are different. First, you must determine your question.

 At Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centres, prospective parents are examined in detail about reproductive health, and then all factors that prevent them from having a baby are listed. The success rate of the treatment regimen selected in parallel with different characteristics of prospective parents is, naturally, higher at Eurofertil compared to other centres.

The Importance of Personalized Treatment


HPersonalized treatment tailored for the patient and holistic treatment approach for couples allow Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centre to achieve success rates above the global standards; in other words, they allow new families to have a baby and make their dreams come true. 


A Eurofertil baby is born within each six-hour period and joins our ever-expending family. 


Patients can request for a treatment prescribed to another prospective mother or ask prescription of a medicine that was previously given to another prospective mother. At this point, specialists assume an important responsibility which is the communication of the factors that may be different for each woman including the egg reserve and quality or immune system of women. Therefore, communication between the doctor and patient and trust between the In Vitro Fertilization Centre and prospective parents is of great importance. . 

At Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization centres, specific factors that cause infertility with patients who want to become parents are determined, and the optimal treatment regimen is selected to eliminate these causes. From that point on, prospective parents longing to have a baby are provided with detailed information on the type, timing, method of the treatment and the reason of choosing that specific treatment. 


One of the important factors affecting the success of In Vitro Fertilization is to make the patient feel safe and ensure that the patient gains awareness on what s/he will go through.  As a representative of a tradition that is specialized in this field, Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centre is aware of the great difference created in the psychology of men and women when they are informed about their physical conditions and problems they experience. Inevitably, tradition of specialization solely on in vitro fertilization and acting as the pioneer of the ‘personalized treatment approach’ brought about the new treatment options.


Hakan Ozornek, M.D., named the ‘GOLDEN EGG’ which is a treatment applied especially to the women in advanced maternal age who suffer from statistically lower chances as they are in challenging patient group and this method creates big difference in getting the change of pregnancy through elimination of the disadvantage arising from the age. 


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