EmbryoScope - Embryo Monitoring System

Baby candidates are under observation for 24 hours

Selecting the right embryo that will result in pregnancy increases the chances of pregnancy.

  • Control of all embryos in every 20 minutes fully automatically.
  • An advanced microscope system that does not overlook any change.
  • Avoiding contact with the white light completely throughout embryo development.
  • Exact determination of division times. Full observation for 24 hours during day and night.

Creating stable conditions for embryo development ensures maximum protection of the environment.

  • Hands-free embryo evaluation.
  • Continuous monitoring of the ambient air and temperature 24 hours a day 365 days a year and maintaining the consistency.
  • Cleaning and ventilating the ambient air continuously (a purity of 99.97%)
  • Minimizing the risk to overlook any point. Elimination of human errors completely and opportunity to evaluate the same embryo upon request.
  • Comparative information about the development of all embryos of each patient and furthermore, opportunity to compare with the embryo development from the previous therapiee.

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