Medicated In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

It was believed that producing a large number of eggs would increase the success from the first years of the IVF treatment. However, this opinion has changed as a result of the researches performed recently. Today, patients are protected against side effects resulting from excessive drugs by using less drugs and so that, cost of treatment reduce and most importantly, patients are aware that the number of eggs are not important but the quality. Nearly half of in vitro fertilization patients in Japan and Korea prefers Medicated In Vitro Fertilization method. This is also an ideal method for women being afraid of the needle.

Women produce an egg in every menstrual period. While the purpose in IVF treatment is to produce multiple eggs and obtain more embryos, medications used in IVF treatment to achieve this purpose bother patients both in terms of adverse effects and their injection forms. In medicated In Vitro Fertilization method, the egg that will occur during a normal menstrual cycle is supported by a simple drug, so the egg naturally selected is allowed to grow, and such developed eggs undergo IVF treatment. The important point here is that the egg is not obtained with the help of drugs but the one selected for that month naturally. The Medicated IVF treatment can be administered to every woman with a regular menstrual cycle. However, this method is nor preferred for women with a low ovarian reserve. After demonstration of that drugs in the form of a nasal spray can be replace the ''hatching injection'', injections have no longer been used in the medicated IVF treatment. Simplification of the treatment increases patient compliance, and this also prevents' drug errors during the treatment.

Adverse effects, such as abdominal swelling, pain, nausea, occuring depending on the over-stimulation of the ovaries are not seen during the treatment. Hormone levels do not increase excessively. Number of days that patients are required to come to the clinic reduce and thus, patient's daily life is not much affected. This is a zero-injection treatment which reduces pain and stress as only drugs in the form of tablets and nasal sprays are used. Egg retrieval process will take up to 5 minutes, and patients are discharged from the hospital 15 minutes after the procedure. Another advantage of the medicated IVF treatment is that the method is cost-effective and the treatment can be continued immediately in the next month again in case pregnancy does not occur. With advancing laboratory conditions in the field of IVF treatment, patient-friendly and simple treatments will be more common.

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