Medicated In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In the past, it was believed that the In Vitro Fertilization Treatment’s success would increase in proportion with the number of eggs. However, the recent studies and innovations showed that higher importance should be attached to the “quality” of eggs rather than the number. Treatment methods applied today reduce the amount of medication used; protect the patient against side effects, reduce the treatment costs and allows obtaining quality eggs. In the foreign countries particularly including Japan and Korea, half of the patients prefer in vitro fertilization treatment with pills. This is an ideal treatment for patients who feel uncomfortable or scared of having injections.

Women produce one egg per menstruation cycle. The basis logic and objective of the conventional treatment is to produce multiple eggs in order to increase the number of embryos and success rate. However, side effects of medication used for this process and injections can make some patients feel uneasy.  During In Vitro Fertilization with pills, the egg production of woman during menstruation is supported with a simple pill, instead of obtaining higher number of eggs. The egg selected and prepared naturally is supported and that egg is applied in vitro fertilization after growth. The egg development is not forced; instead, the egg selected by your body is supported with this simple treatment method. This treatment method can be applied to each patient with adequate number of eggs who has regular menstruation cycles. No injection is used during the treatment; a nasal spray is used instead of egg stimulating injections; thus, our patients give relatively positive reactions to this simple and comfortable treatment. In addition, injection, side-effects and similar problems are eliminated.


Abdominal oedema and nausea are the most frequent side-effects of excessive egg stimulation that is encountered as side-effect of the conventional in vitro fertilization. In case of in vitro fertilization with pill, such side effects are eliminated, and it is not mandatory to run blood tests as the hormone levels do not increase much. Our patients visit the clinic less so, their daily routine remains unaffected, and patients do not suffer from pain or stress as nasal spray and pills are used instead of injections and other medical devices. The egg retrieval procedure takes 5 minutes and patients can be discharged 15 minutes after the operation as a light anaesthesia is applied.


The cost of In Vitro Fertilization with Pills is less when compared with the other treatments. In addition, it offers the advantage of continuing with the treatment in the next month in case of unsuccessful attempt.


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