Unmedicated In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

What Is Unmedicated In Vitro Fertilization?

While the eggs are retrieved and used after they mature in the conventional IVF treatment, the eggs are retrieved before they fully mature and ensured to mature in the laboratory in the unmedicated In Vitro Fertilization treatment. The most important reason for the development of this technique is to ensure the protection of patients' bodies that the drugs used for the purpose of egg maturation can damage. Female patients are administered a very low dose of hormones in the treatment of IVM, or no medication is used. Development of the ovaries are monitored, eggs that reach a certain size are retrieved with the help of a needle under general anesthesia. These immature eggs retrieved are kept in some certain maturation of liquids in the laboratory and so, their maturation is achieved. The egg matured undergoes the microinjection procedure with the sperm cell taken from the patient's husband, and then the embryos obtained are placed back into the uterus.

Who should prefer IVF?

It has been observed that some patients are sensitive to some drugs used for egg development in the treatment of IVF and in addition, development of a table with hydroperitoneum and pleural effusion due to an unexpected over-reaction of the ovary in these patients. IVM treatment is preferred in patients especially with such a sensitivity,a high probability of OHSS and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). In addition, this treatment can also be used for male infertility and patients with endometriosis and patients with poor response to drugs. This is an ideal treatment method especially for cancer patients to whom hormone therapy is strictly prohibited.

What are the advantages?

  • Easier treatment
  • Shorter treatment duration (8 to 10 days)
  • No side-effect
  • No complication
  • Less clinic visits (1 to 2 times)
  • Less injection (2 to 3 times)
  • No bloodletting
  • Low drug cost

What are the disadvantages?

Inability to obtain the desired quality of eggs at all times and slightly lower pregnancy rates.

Who Are Not Eligible?

The treatment is not suitable for elderly patients.

What is the Success Rate?

IVM pregnancy rates are within acceptable limits (30%).

What is the duration of treatment?

Total duration of the IVM treatment is 8 to 10 days, and duration that our patients are required to spend at our clinic during the treatment is half an hour for each visit which is in total 1 to 2 times.

What is the cost?

The cost of the treatment is same as the conventional IVF treatment, but discount in medication costs up to 90% is available.

Is this method currently used as a common method in Turkey?

This method of treatment can be provided by a small number of IVF centers in the world and in Turkey.

Unmedicated In Vitro Fertilization

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