In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Costs

As EUROFERTIL IVF Center, we believe every couple wishing to have children should have their babies. In light of this aspiration, we developed several pricing options for your selection. Thus, we would like to offer the treatment opportunity to all of our patients with payment terms that can appeal to every family. Together, we will surely find a suitable price and payment method for you.

Many factors are involved in determining the price of IVF. Especially since 90 percent of the materials used in laboratories and operations are brought from abroad, their prices can increase from month to month depending on foreign currency. In addition, the quality of these materials directly affects the chance of pregnancy. Centers achieving high pregnancy rates like ours must use high-quality materials. Another factor that increases the price is additional laboratory methods used during treatment. EmbryoScope, which enables us to select the best embryo (embryo transfer) or Fertichip, which enables us to distinguish good quality sperm, are some of those. It should not be forgotten that each of these methods increases the chance of pregnancy.

In addition to the cost of IVF treatment, pre-treatment tests and drugs to be used during the treatment process have an extra cost. Please ask your doctor about the drugs used in face-to-face meetings.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Costs 2022

Our goal is to find out the most trouble-free and stress-free payment form that would appeal to you during your treatment. We know that, for many families, the most important point in deciding to undergo treatment is the price. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose details about the prices of in vitro fertilization treatment for 2022 on this page because of our legal responsibility. When you visit our clinic, our financial officer will inform you about in vitro fertilization treatment prices and the most convenient form of payment.


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