How long Does An Assisted Reproduction Treatment Cycle Take?

How long Does An Assisted Reproduction Treatment Cycle Take?

Let us remember the steps of assisted reproduction treatment as listed below;

  1. STIMULATION OF OVARIES BY MEDICATIONS: If the first day of menstrual bleeding is accepted as day 1, this step of treatment starts on day 2 to day 4. This step takes approximately 8-10 days. This period can sometimes extend to 12 to 14 days depending on the ovarian response.  In order to examine the ovarian response to the drugs used during this period, ultrasound examinations are performed 3 or 4 times and hormonal tests are performed when necessary. This is the most labor-intensive phase of the treatment. At this stage of treatment, injections and drugs should be administered regularly every day.  
  2. THE EGG RETRIEVAL PROCEDURE AND FERTILIZATION OF THE EGG: When the examination findings show that the eggs are ready for retrieval, an injection is administered to induce follicular rupture. The egg retrieval procedure is performed 36 hours after this injection. On the same day, a sperm sample is taken from the male spouse and the egg is fertilized. This is a one-day procedure and the candidate mother is discharged from the clinic on the same day.  
  3. MONITORIZATION OF THE FERTILIZED EGGS IN THE LABORATORY AND THEIR TRANSFER INTO THE UTERUS: This period varies between 2 and 5 days depending on the number of fertilized eggs.

The result will be learned by performing a pregnancy test 12 days after the embryo transfer. You will not need to come to the clinic until the pregnancy test result is obtained.

The length of time from the treatment onset to embryo transfer is about 15-17 days. Taking into account the length of elapse time until obtaining test results, pregnancy test results are obtained approximately 1 month after the treatment onset.


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