How Many Eggs Are Retrieved In Assisted Reproduction Treatment?

Studies have been conducted to investigate the ideal number of eggs to retrieved for assisted reproduction treatment. It has been observed that the chance of pregnancy was the highest in patients; from whom 15 eggs were retrieved. Lower or higher number of eggs have been found out to have unfavorably affected pregnancy rates. The hormone drugs that we give to patients are used for growing the eggs in the ovary during that menstrual period. Subsequent to this treatment, the egg retrieval procedure is performed 14-15 days and sometimes 20 days after the menstruation on the average. During the growth of eggs in the ovaries, the development of eggs are monitored via ultrasonographic examination. The medication regimens in assisted reproduction treatment are determined based on the number of eggs with a growth potential and the age of the woman.

Extra eggs of patients, in whom pregnancy is planned via assisted reproduction treatment, are fertilized to become embryos and are frozen and stored to be transferred into the uterus in further treatment cycles, aiming to increase the cumulative chance of pregnancy. A new method; the “one and done” procedure meaning the transfer of one embryo at a time by using frozen and stored embryos obtained from eggs retrieved at several sessions is recommended to our patients with high egg numbers. This method allows for having several children at different times. It should not be forgotten that ovarian reserve determines the number of eggs.

When the candidate mother's eggs reach the desired level of development, the egg retrieval procedure is performed under general anesthesia in an average of 15 minutes. The procedure is totally painless. The egg cells are examined in the laboratory environment and are stored for fertilization. Information about the number of eggs, fertilization, and the development of your embryos are regularly provided to our patients by the physician or the embryologist. We value to share information about your treatment process and the quality of the subsequently obtained embryos with you. One day after the egg retrieval; you will be informed about your egg quality and the number of your fertilized eggs. Before the embryo transfer, you will be informed of your extra number of embryos. All your questions about the embryo freezing policy of the assisted reproduction treatment center will be answered.


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