Importance of Diet For Assisted Reproduction Treatment

Diet is quite important during assisted reproduction treatment. Your diet prior to the onset of assisted reproduction treatment is of course very important; however, the relationship between assisted reproduction treatment and diet is a current issue that has been discussed and researched especially in recent years. Scientific studies on this subject matter show that the adoption of the Mediterranean diet by the candidate mother is a correct decision during the treatment period to become pregnant. In other words, green vegetables and proteins should be mostly consumed and carbohydrates should be avoided for the production and growth of healthy sperms and egg cells. Eating more vegetables and proteins is a factor acting on the treatment success in assisted reproduction treatment.

What Types of Food Should Be Avoided During Assisted Reproduction Treatment?

·       Caffeine consumption should be limited. Limits should be set for the quantities of tea and coffee consumed a day. Two cups of tea and a cup of coffee can be consumed in a day.

·       Margarine and oils containing unsaturated fat should not be consumed.

·       Unpasteurized dairy products should never be consumed.

·       Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided. Especially smoking should be stopped.

·       Sweets containing excessive quantities of carbohydrates should be avoided. Milk desserts can be consumed.

·       Coke, chocolate, and any food containing additive ingredients should be avoided.

·       Rather than grilled food, boiled or steam-cooked food should be preferred.

·       Herbal tea can be consumed but not in excessive quantities.

 Below are a few examples of nutritional recommendations that you should definitely consume;

·       Two to two-and-a half liters of water should be consumed per day.

·       Legumes such as chickpeas, beans, and lentils should be consumed 2-3 times a week.

·       Food rich in polyunsaturated fats including avocado, salmon, almonds, hazel nuts, and pumpkin seeds should be consumed.

·      Fruits and yoghurt should be consumed.

·       Fast food should definitely be avoided.

It should not be forgotten that a healthy diet will contribute to the chances of treatment success and will form the first foundations of a healthy pregnancy.


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