Recurrent IVF Failures

The uterus is as important as the embryo in IVF failure. Especially the recent developments have revealed the great importance of the uterus. The importance of the uterus challenges us at 3 different points, especially in IVF.

One of them is infections in the uterus. The characteristic of this infection is the absence of any signs. It neither causes fever, nor pain and discharge. But it prevents the implantation of the embryo. The treatment is also very simple. An antibiotic treatment. We know that 60% of our patients have such an infection.

The second important point is that the uterus is a contractile organ. During embryo transfer, it pushes the embryo out even if there is a millimetric contraction. Even if we have performed a perfect transfer and we have placed a very good embryo, unfortunately, pregnancy does not occur. We also get surprised why the pregnancy did not occur. There is a very important drug treatment for this contraction, if our patients have failed 2-3 times in their previous treatments, we administer it to them on the day of transfer.

The third and very important point is the immune system. Unlike the immune system of the whole body, the uterus has a different immune system. Bacteria, viruses, other people's organs, which enter the body and are perceived as foreign bodies, are programmed to be expelled from the body; the immune system recognizes them and attempts to remove them from the body. There is only one exception to this: pregnancy. Although half of the pregnancy is from the father candidate, it is accepted by the mother. In other words, pregnancy is tolerated in the uterus. The immune system has such a system that provides this. When a malfunction occurs in this system, we encounter recurrent IVF failures. This immune system needs to be balanced in patients who have attempted IVF 3-4 times and experienced failure. We use a serum for this, which balances the immune system and ensures that the patient accepts this pregnancy in the next treatment and the IVF is successful.

Although it is very important to examine the embryo, whether it is a fifth-day embryo and at the blastocyst level or to genetically examine it, it is not enough alone, therefore the uterus should not be overlooked. Because if there is a problem with the uterus, no matter how many embryos you transfer, IVF will not be successful.

It is now possible to prevent this with the right diagnosis and treatment, we have the solution!

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