What should be done before IVF treatment?

If you are a couple with a desire for a child and in vitro fertilization has been decided, what awaits you, especially the mother-to-be? Firstly; Let's start by saying that the IVF process is not a physical trauma for women. You will not experience a period as if you have had an operation, your work will not be interrupted.

First of all, take good care of yourself and your spouse during this period. Plan things that will make each other happy, small surprises, activities that you will love. However, if there is something that you do not have to and you do not like, postpone it or remove it from your life. So have a happy and positive process and start treatment in this way.

Another thing that should not be done during this period is to compare yourself with people around you or from the internet who have previously undergone IVF treatment. In general, people may be inclined to describe the negative processes they experience with thicker lines; and this can derail your motivation. These are things the couple can help and manage.

Everything begins with your trust in your doctor and your center. Do exactly what you are told. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

- Before starting treatment, your medical history is investigated to identify factors that may cause infertility. Fulfilling the suggestions after this evaluation will increase the chance of success. For example, if you are advised to lose weight or quit smoking, try to comply with them in the process.

Before the treatment, gynecological examination, transvaginal ultrasonography to evaluate the ovarian reserve and some tests should be done. Have these tests done first and, if necessary, start the treatment as soon as possible.

-After questioning the medical history of our male patient, which may cause infertility, semen analysis (spermiogram) is requested. According to the spermiogram results, our patient is provided to meet with the urology specialist if necessary.


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