What Is Azoospermia?

Azoospermia is the absence of sperms in the semen due to various causes. Only several types of fluids secreted from the prostate region are found in the analysis of candidate father's semen; which contains no sperms. The lack of sperms to fertilize the egg is the cause of infertility. Owing to technological advances; azoospermia is not a hurdle any more for men, who wish to become fathers. However, sperm production continues at different stages in the small tube-like structures within the testicle tissue even if no sperms are available in the semen. In EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Treatment Centers equipped with the licenced state-of-the-art technology, sperms can be obtained the micro-TESE method from the candidate fathers, who cannot provide sperms with natural methods.

What Are the Causes of Azoospermia?

The condition of absence of living sperm cells in the male is called azoospermia. Azoospermia may occur due to several reasons.

• Immunological causes (the presence of some substances called antibodies; which are developed by the body to fight against sperm cells to eliminate them) 
• Genetic disorders 
• Structural obstructions 
• Hormonal disorders and deficiencies 
• Cryptorchidism (undescended testicles)
• Testicular infections, testicular tumors…

How Is Azoospermia Treated?

In EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Treatment Centers that comprise the first and only institution founded by the Medical Director Dr Hakan ÖZÖRNEK, MD, to provide PERSONALIZED TREATMENT services only in the assisted reproduction treatment area; countless patients, who have been previously informed of being unable to have children, have experienced the joy of becoming parents. In the EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Treatment Centers equipped with the licensed cutting-edge technology; live sperm cells are obtained via the Micro-Tese method by taking tissue samples from at least 4 different points of both testicles under the microscope. Then, the obtained sperm cells are frozen. These frozen and stored sperm cells are, then, transferred to the candidate mother at the most convenient time during the treatment process so that the couple can have come together with their dream babies. The Reproductive Health Check - Up; which was first performed by Dr. Hakan Özörnek in EUROFERTIL, is a series of diagnostic tests recommended for anyone who wants to have a baby one day. By means of these series of tests; any potential condition that may prevent you from having children will be investigated to develop specific treatment plans for you as a couple. As a result, the team of EUROFERTIL physicians will develop a common treatment plan for you.

Only a healthy sperm with a normal shape can fertilize an egg. Therefore, the Sperm Test (Spermiogram) is very important in planning the personalized treatment, which will be developed by considering all dynamics. Any problems in the number and the motility of the obtained sperms can be treated medically. If morphological disorders are detected in the obtained sperms, a healthy sperm can be selected by performing the Genetic Diagnosis Test.  The chance of pregnancy can be increased by choosing the best quality sperm by using the “Microchip Application”, also known as the “Chip Baby”.



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