What is Azoospermia?

Azoospermia is the absence of sperm cells in the semen due to various reasons. Prospective father has only prostate fluids as living sperm cells cannot be obtained during the semen analysis. Absence of sperm that will fertilize the egg is a cause of infertility. However, Azoospermia is no longer a barrier for men to become a father thanks to the developed technology. Even when there is no sperm production, sperm production continues at various levels in the small tube-like structures in the testicle tissue. In Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centres equipped with the latest approved technology, it is possible to retrieve sperm from prospective fathers  with micro-TESE method in case natural methods become unsuccessful. 

What Are the Causes of Azoospermia?

Azoospermia is a condition of a man whose semen contains no sperm. Azoospermia can have various causes.
 • Immunologic causes (the presence of antibody agents that destroy sperm cells)   
• Genetic disorders 
• Structural obstructions 
• Hormonal disorders and deficiencies 
• Cryptorchidism (undescended testis) disorder
• Testicle Infections, Testicle tumours.... 

How Is Azoospermia Treated?

Numerous patients enjoyed the happiness of becoming parents even though they were told “You cannot become parents” in other in vitro fertilization centres; however, their dreams came  true in Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization centre under the medical directorship of Ozornek, M.D., who is the founder of the PERSONALIZED TREATMENT approach in the first and only In Vitro Fertilization centre in Turkey.  In Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Centres that are equipped with the latest approved technology, Micro-TESE method is applied under anaesthesia and tissue samples are taken from at least 4 different parts of both testicles to retrieve sperm cells which are then frozen. These frozen and stored sperm cells are transferred to the prospective mother in the most appropriate time during the treatment processes and their dreams of having a baby come true. Reproduction Check-Up that has been introduced for the first  time by Hakan Ozornek, M.D, is a series of diagnosis test recommended for each person who wants to have a baby in the future.  All conditions that could prevent you from having a baby are checked one by one and your treatment is prescribed by Eurofertil Doctors who draw a path to develop a special personalized treatment. 
 An egg can be fertilized only by a sperm with normal morphology. Therefore, spermiogram is very important to calculate and plan all dynamics of the personalized treatment.  Problems related with the sperm count and motility can be treated with only medical methods. If any morphological disorder us detected in the retrieved sperms, healthy sperms can be selected with Genetic Diagnosis Test.   “Microchip Application” allows the selection of sperms with the best quality in order to increase the success rate.
Azoospermia is no longer a barrier for men to become a father.

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