IVF Treatment Package

Are you planning to have an IVF treatment in Istanbul?

Should you wish to have an IVF treatment in a center focused only on the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, the solution is at EUROFERTIL IVF Center!

  • In our center, diagnosis and treatment methods with proven effectiveness are put into service at the same time as the world.
  • Embryology, andrology and kyrobiology laboratories are equipped with the latest devices developed in the world.
  • All personnel working in our center are experienced and friendly. In particular, the medical staff consists of overseas experienced physicians and biologists.
  • A truly personalized treatment opportunity is offered to different patients with different IVF treatment options.
  • The center environment is differentiated from the hospital atmosphere in order to support the psychological state of the patients.
  • Reasonable pricing and payment options are offered for your budget.
  • It is the only clinic that implements the Guaranteed IVF Program in Europe and Turkey.

Before you visit us in Istanbul, please feel free to contact our foreign patient coordinators to get further information about everything you wonder about and you can also contact us via WhatsApp: +905309204221.

Our patient consultants will help you at all stages of your treatment so that you can have a comfortable and comfortable treatment process. If you are coming from abroad; transportation support and accommodation included You can benefit from our full treatment package. If you do not prefer the full treatment package, we can inform you about the hotels close to our center. You can find the scope of our full treatment package below.

What is included in the price of IVF treatment ( single treatment ) package ?

  • Medication
  • Controlled ovarian stimulation
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Blood examination
  • Eggs retrieval
  • General anesthesia
  • Fertilization (IVF or ICSI)
  • EmbryoGlue
  • Embryo transfer
  • Embryo freezing ( if possible )
  • Follow-up consultation of results of the treatment
  • Hotel stays during treatment
  • Transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to clinic
  • If PGD or Micro TESE are required , they are not included in this price .

If you choose to buy a full package, your treatment will be much easier!


Ensuring your comfort is our priority! Your transfers between the airport and your hotel and your transfers between the hotel and the clinic are handled by our clinic. You will be met from the airport by the contracted transfer company on the specified day and time.


Your 2-person room – breakfast hotel reservation is organized by us before you arrive. Our contracted hotels are located in reliable and central areas. In addition, nearby hotels have been preferred so that you can reach our clinic in a short time.


All steps such as analysis, examination, medication, egg collection, fertilization, embryo transfer and pregnancy follow-up, which constitute the stages of IVF treatment, are included in the package . All steps of your treatment will be followed privately by your patient counselor.


You can make 10% of your payment in Euro, Dollar or Pound on the day you come to our clinic, before you come to Turkey on the day you decide for treatment.

How many days should you stay in Istanbul?

IVF treatment is a personalized treatment, the duration of treatment varies from person to person. A single IVF treatment takes an average of 15-20 days.

Post Treatment Follow-up

If you want to return to your home immediately after embryo transfer, we will keep in touch with you and follow up your pregnancy for 12 days after you return to your home. On the 12th day after embryo transfer, we will ask you to have a pregnancy test with analysis. In this process, we can make face-to-face video calls via WhatsApp or Zoom , depending on your preference .

Don't let the treatment process scare you, our patient consultants will be with you every step of the way, from the planning of the appointments and operation processes to the follow-up, from the supply of your medicines to the demonstration of their applications, to the smooth organization of all financial processes.

In addition, if you want to get information about local tours and excursions to evaluate your free time, you can get support from them. If you request, after your budget approval, a guide organization can be made for you in the language you want.

If you want to have a comfortable IVF treatment experience and feel yourself in safe hands, make your appointment without wasting time and be a part of the EUROFERTIL Family.


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