Electronic Witness System

What Is The Witness System?

RI WITNESS SYSTEM used in the EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Treatment Center Laboratories is a radiofrequency security system to guarantee that no specimens other that the patient's are provided to be studied to the authorized embryologist and that no sperms, embryos, or eggs other than the patient's are studied. The system allows for 24/7 monitoring of all activities in the assisted reproduction treatments laboratory. The RI Witness system continuously and automatically monitors, checks, and records all procedures performed in the assisted reproduction treatment laboratory for 24 hours in a day including sperm preparation, egg collection, microinjection, embryo transfer, embryo freezing, embryo thawing, and embryo biopsy.

How Does the Witness System Work?

Within the scope of the use of the RI Witness System; which secures the processing of cell specimens obtained from patients,  an electronic identification card with saved information about the patient's cell specimens  is delivered to the patient by the medical team of Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Center. During the treatment, the conduct of laboratory procedures requires the provision of the "Witness System ID Card".

At the onset of the assisted reproduction treatment and at the onset of the menstrual cycle, the patient is provided with a Witness System ID Card.  This ID card of the patient is synchronized with barcodes on all culture containers and tubes containing the patient's samples via the radio frequency technology. During the assisted reproduction treatment, all procedures at each station (registration, laboratory, operating room) are performed provided that this card is used.  During the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures, the patient observes and makes sure that his/her samples are used in the procedures through the patient witness system.

During the procedures in the laboratory, which the patient cannot observe himself/herself, the patient knows that only his/her samples can be processed and that all data including the date and the length of the procedure, the embryologist performing the procedure, the second embryologist witnessing the procedure, and the identity information and type of the samples processed are digitally recorded and checked.

Steps of the Witness System

The witness system ID card of the patient is synchronized via the radiofrequency system with the chips of the tubes and culture containers containing the patient's cell specimens.

At each step of the assisted reproduction treatment procedure, the patient is required to use his/her ID card.

The patient's ID card and his/her specimens automatically match during the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures.

The specimens identified as belonging to the patient appear on digital screens.

When any sample that does not belong to the patient approaches to the embryologist's working area in the laboratory, the system alarms and stops the processes automatically. 

During the assisted reproduction treatment processes, any laboratory workflow are digitally checked and automatically reported.

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