Laboratory Safety For Assisted Reproduction Treatment

“Laboratory safety” is one of the vital issues in assisted reproduction treatment. In order for candidate mothers and fathers to have their babies as they made the most important decision of their lives, the laboratory procedures must be flawless and we, the specialists, must work with zero errors. One of the basic characteristics of the Eurofertil team is their awareness that even a slightest error in laboratory activities can cause irreversible and irreparable results in the assisted reproduction treatment processes. Having adopted this responsibility, all processes in Eurofertil Laboratories are practiced flawlessly and with zero risk based on predefined rules.

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by couples, who wish to undergo assisted reproduction treatment;

Would the Test-Tube Baby get mixed up at the hospital/centre?

As a discriminating feature from other centers, the “double control system” implemented in practice by Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Laboratories several years ago ensures laboratory safety and eliminates the risk of switching test-tube babies. Laboratory safety principles in the assisted reproduction treatment area requires that all embryologist should follow certain working principles that will leave no room for any risks. To ensure a zero risk of impairment in the safety of sperms and embryos in Eurofertil Laboratories, patients' names are checked and approved by two authorized personnel separately via process called 'Double Check'. During assisted reproduction treatment practices, during sperm and egg procedures, or during the embryo transfer; the identification cards of candidate mothers and fathers are checked for each procedure and each procedure can only be performed after obtaining signed approval from each of the two authorized embryologists. No procedures can be performed unless signed approval is obtained from the two authorized laboratory personnel; who perform tests and the checks and unless signed approvals are obtained confirming that the identifications of the candidate mother and the candidate father are cross checked for the specimens by two authorized personnel separately. Owing to the requirements for double checks and signed approval, any risks of human error and any technical confusion are completely eliminated in Eurofertil assisted Reproduction Treatment Laboratories, ensuring the safety of sperms, embryos, and eggs of candidate mothers and fathers.

Identification System For Test-Tube Babies and Safety System

While selecting the assisted reproduction treatment center, candidate parents pay attention that laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technological facilities and the infrastructure is adequate enough for the active use of current treatment options. However, state-of-the-art equipment and a laboratory meeting the international standards cannot guarantee you success in assisted reproduction treatment because the success of the laboratory is directly proportional to the competence of the staff. In addition to complying with the minimum standards, the working discipline and principles of each laboratory and each laboratory team differ from each other. Starting from its establishment, Eurofertil Laboratories and Eurofertil team has never compromised its working discipline and has been following additional other protocols in order to increase the success rates and eliminate the risk of errors completely.

What Kind of A Safety Protocol Is Followed For the Identification of Frozen Eggs and Embryos?

Each tube containing frozen eggs, sperms, or embryos in Eurofertil IVF laboratories are labelled with the patient's name, surname, date of birth, spouse's name, registration number, and most importantly with the Republic of Turkey identification number. In our country, many people have the same name and surname and there are many married couples with the male and female spouses having the same names and surnames. In the Eurofertil IVF Laboratories, each frozen stored specimen for the purpose of assisted reproduction treatment is labelled with the Republic of Turkey identification number and a distinctive code leaving no room for any potential interchanging of the stored specimens.

Prior to the embryo transfer, the ID number/code on the tube containing the embryo is confirmed by the embryologist by reading the ID number/code on the tube to the patient and asking confirmation. In addition, the patient is asked to read the names and the ID number on the tube. Thus, you will be informed of the safety of your embryos and other non-laboratory procedures will be checked, too.

Which Technological Measures Are Taken To Ensure the Safety of Test-Tube Babies?

Despite the availability of fully-automated technological measures used for ensuring the safety of assisted reproduction techniques, safety cannot be ensured 100% because they are human-dependent and not devoid of error margins of used devices. To ensure a 100% safety, Eurofertil Laboratories does not solely depend on a single system or a single person but follows a double check principle. In other words; while all materials, sperms, eggs, and embryos of candidate parents are checked via the latest technology, both the system and the protocol processes are cross-checked by two authorized embryologists separately and also your confirmation of these cross-checked data is asked before the transfer.

During these important processes, all our team members and the laboratory staff spend their best efforts in order to alleviate your stress factors as much as possible and to provide you with the best experience while they are aware of the responsibility for following a common discipline and completing a family.

Providing error-free services with an experience of approximately 21 years since its establishment, Eurofertil continues to be the only preferred center for the sustenance of reproductive health of couples; who wish to store their frozen sperms and embryos to have children in future.

  • At Eurofertil IVF Center, your tissues and embryos are secured via a double control system.
  • Your embryos are monitored for 24 hours during the 7 days of the week by using an embryoscope.
  • Your frozen eggs, sperms, and embryos are secured in Eurofertil Laboratories via the use of ID number and coding system that does not leave any margin for errors.
  • Each procedure at Eurofertil Laboratories should be approved by two experts separately via a cross-check system.
  • You can approve the identification of your secured embryos from our experts by checking the ID number and codes before the transfer.
  • Digital systems may not be 100% secure. You will always have the peace of your mind with Eurofertil, where dual checks by experts are performed, not leaving a room for any errors.
  • Please always ask the security systems that are used by laboratories when you are selecting an assisted reproduction treatment center.


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