Micro TESE

What is Micro TESE?

TESE is the procedure of sperm harvesting via microscopic surgery in patients with no sperms in their ejaculatory fluid (semen).

Which couples are suitable for this procedure?

The TESE procedure is a surgical method used for harvesting sperms in men with no sperms in their semen. The unavailability of sperms in the semen may occur because of several factors:

  • Obstructions in sperm ducts.
  • Congenital absence of sperm ducts.
  • Hormonal causes.
  • Genetic causes: Genes responsible for sperm production in men are located on the Y chromosome. Any problems in these genes affects sperm production.
  • Radiation: Exposure to radiation, especially for cancer treatment, can sometimes stop sperm production completely and this condition may be permanent.
  • Medications; especially those used for the treatment of cancer, can permanently stop sperm production.
  • Infections (In the period after mumps)

How Is Micro TESE Procedure Performed?

Micro TESE is a painless procedure performed under anesthesia. Tissue samples are taken from at least 4 different points in each of the two testicles under a microscope. The collected tissue samples are processed through a series of procedures and live sperm cells are selected. These cells are used for the microinjection procedure.

Micro TESE is a different procedure from testicular biopsy. In a biopsy procedure, a sample is collected from a single region of the testicle. However, sperm production may occur in other parts of the testicle. Therefore, sperm cells can be obtained with the TESE procedure in patients, whose sperm cell biopsy yields no sperms.

The sperm cells harvested via the micro TESE procedure are stored after being frozen. Only then, the patient will be included into a assisted reproduction therapy schedule. In other words, if sperms are unavailable, there will be a risk of treating the female spouse for no reason.

The freezing procedure does not impair the sperm quality. Also, it eliminates the need to perform another TESE surgery in patients undergoing another assisted reproductive treatment cycle.

Points to Consider Before Micro-TESE

  • You should not eat or drink anything (including water) for at least 6 hours before the operation.
  • Please shave the planned site of operation. Take a bath or shower.
  • Bring loose pants or sweatpants with you because any pressure on the testicles will cause pain after the operation.
  • You are going to be discharged from the hospital after 1-2 hours.

Points to Consider After Micro-TESE Surgery

  • You can start liquid food intake in the 3rd hour after the operation.
  • You can have a bath in the 5th day after the surgery.
  • You will not have sexual intercourse for one week.
  • You can take pain medications if you have pain.
  •  If redness, swelling, or bleeding occurs at the site of the operation, you should definitely inform your physician.
  • Because self-absorbable sutures are used for micro TESE, there will be no need suture removal.


Live sperm cells may not be obtained via the micro TESE procedure. This risk depends on underlying causes. The chance of the presence of sperms in a patient with obstruction in the sperm ducts is higher than a patient with hormonal or genetic problems. Infection or bleeding may rarely occur at the site of surgery after surgery.




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