Selection of the Best Sperm (IMSI)

Selecting the best sperm is critical for microinjection to increase our pregnancy rates. Despite the very good appearance of the selected sperm, we cannot know whether the sperm has any additional or missing chromosomes or whether it is mature enough. Also; if the DNA of the sperm is damaged, it will increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. Therefore, sperm selection for the microinjection procedure is critical.

Systems called IMSI; allowing for sperm selection under high-power magnification, are used for performing the microinjection procedure in order to select the best sperm. Sperm cells are visualized under high-power magnification and examined sperms with normal appearances are selected. However, it is not adequate enough to choose the sperm to be used in microinjection by examining only its appearance. The adequate appearance of the sperm does not provide evidence that its genetic structure is normal or the sperm is fully matured. To address this issue, we select the sperm for the microinjection procedure by using the solution called SpermSlow. Inside SpermSlow is the substance that is normally found around the egg cell. The egg cell utilizes that substance around itself to select the sperm. Using this method, we ensure that the selected sperms are fully mature and that the rates of normal chromosomes in those sperms are higher compared to the sperms to be selected via older selection methods. We achieve better success rates by selecting high-quality sperms via this selection method.

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