Cancer and the Sustainability of Reproduction

Technological advances for the sustainability of reproduction demonstrate that cancer patients should no longer be afraid of ending in infertility after treatment. It is one of our most important duties to inform cancer patients, who are interested in reproductive health, about these latest developments.

In cancer treatment, 90% of all eggs die. 10% of cancer patients are younger than 45 years old. The primary concern for cancer survivors is the issue of having children. Currently a solution has been established for both men and women: "Preservation of Fertility". Only few oncologists inform their patients about fertility preservation. A cancer patient struggles for his/her life on one hand and faces the risk of losing fertility on the other. Thanks to modern science and technologies, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer is possible today. However, cancer treatment destroys reproductive cells. Hundreds of babies have been born by using the frozen egg cells.

Options that We Offer Our Patients

  • Assisted reproduction treatment and embryo freezing 
  • Egg freezing and storage 
  • Sperm freezing and storage

Egg cells can be frozen and stored before starting any kind of chemotherapy or any lower abdominal radiotherapy.

  • The duration of storage is 5 years. If the person wishes to extend this period at the end of 5 years, this period can be extended by obtaining permission from the Ministry of Health. 
  • Women without a spouse can undergo this method (different from the embryo procedures) 
  • Aging of eggs is prevented.
  • Egg freezing (cryopreservation of oocytes) is a successful and safe method for use today.


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