Embryo Bonding (EmbryoGlue)

What is EmbryoGlue?

After your embryos are developed in the laboratory environment for a few days, the one with the highest chance of pregnancy is selected for the transfer procedure. During the transfer procedure, the embryo is placed in a thin tube called a catheter with a special liquid. The catheter is then inserted into the uterus under the guidance of ultrasound and the embryo is gently transferred with the fluid.

The use of a liquid medium containing extra substances specially prepared for embryo transfer can further increase the adhesion of the embryo to the uterus. EmbryoGlue is a liquid that resembles the natural environment in the womb and is enriched with the substances required to better support the embryo during implantation. EmbryoGlue contains hyaluronan, a natural molecule found in all tissues of the body that plays an important role in embryo development and implantation.

What Advantage Does the Use of EmbryoGlue Provide?

Placing the embryo in EmbryoGlue before the transfer procedure and performing the transfer procedure with EmbryoGlue provides a higher chance for bonding to the uterus and pregnancy. Help your embryo with EMBRYOGLUE.

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