Microchip / Fertichip

Microchip Method

Today, 50% of infertility problems have a male factor. Inadequacies or problems in the number and motility of sperms are sufficient by themselves to reduce the chance of pregnancy. However, the use of microchips in assisted reproduction treatment in recent years have become highly promising as it made dreams of many candidate mothers and father come true. The microchip method  has been developed by a Turkish scientist working at Harvard University. This method in increasingly becoming widespread in Turkey and it has already gained a common use.

The use of the microchip method allows for discriminating healthy sperms from unhealthy ones. Sperm chips comprise microcanals. These microcanals allow for selecting high-quality sperms. Using this method; each unhealthy sperm, even with minor DNA injuries, is separated in a compartment.

High-quality and undamaged sperms pass through the microcanals and collected there. Therefore; embryos are obtained by using healthy sperms increasing the chance of establishing pregnancy. Blastocyst embryos are obtained by joining high-quality sperms and egg cells and subsequent fertilization. The chance of establishing pregnancy is further increased by using these embryos.

The biggest advantage of microchip use in assisted reproduction treatment is the increased chance of establishing pregnancy in couples with a male infertility factor and  low sperm count. The use of the microchip method will inevitably increase success rates in couples; who wish to have a baby with assisted reproduction treatment, if they have such abovementioned problems.

Pregnancy can be established by using the microchip method and such established pregnancies will be very healthy because the highest-quality and most healthy sperms are selected. The reason behind the high success achieved via this method is the selection of sperms with the highest quality DNA. The embryos obtained via this way will have very high-quality DNA. Thus; the implantation of the embryo will occur more easily, establishing a healthy pregnancy.

How Is Assisted Reproduction Treatment with Microchip Use Performed?

The use of the microchip method will allow for obtaining high-quality embryos, increasing the success rate of establishing pregnancy.  Those sperm chips developed for this purpose acts like a strain, discriminating healthy and high-quality sperms among other sperms. The healthy sperms in the microcanals are collected in a different compartment. Fertilization of egg cells by the sperms selected via the microchip method increases the chance of candidate mothers and fathers to make their dreams come true.


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