Personalized Treatment

The Assisted Reproduction Treatment Technique that Developed the Golden Egg

In vitro fertilization treatment has been conducted ever since 1978. The concept of "personalized treatment" is rapidly becoming widespread in the field of assisted reproduction treatment; which has been practiced for nearly 40 years. Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Center; which has been founded under the leadership of Reproductive Health and Infertility Specialist Operator Under the leadership of Dr. Hakan Özörnek, Eurofertil is one of the centers providing services via the “personalized treatment” approach and offering several treatment options to candidate mothers and fathers so that they can select the best option suitable for them.

What Is Personalized Treatment?

While infertility rates are globally increasing day by day, the number of patients applying for assisted reproduction treatment is gradually increasing. There are many reasons for infertility and these reasons are specific to the person's condition. Different characteristics of each candidate mother and father, the state of reproductive health of each couple, and everything that may be the cause of infertility in short can act on the treatment process.

In light of the principle that one cannot get the right answer without asking the right question; it should be remembered that the causes of infertility in each couple, or in each person, and the factors acting on such causes differ from one another. So, you should identify the problem firstly.

At the Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Centers, all factors that prevent having a baby are listed after the candidate mother and father have undergone a detailed check. The estimated chance of treatment success, which is predicted by taking into account all different characteristics and problems of each individual candidate parent, is of course much higher in Eurofertil compared to other centers that apply standard procedures.

The Importance of Personalized Treatment

A patient-specific and couple-specific holistic approach enables Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Centers to achieve success rates over the worldwide rates. The aim of Eurofertil is to enable families to have children and to embrace the baby of their dreams.

A Eurofertil baby is born every six hours, joining our ever growing family day by day.

Patients may request that the treatment given to another candidate mother would be applied to them, too, and that the drug used by another candidate mother should be given to them. As the specialists of assisted reproduction treatment; the most important responsibility here is to explain to the candidate parents that each woman has a different ovarian reserve and egg quality and that the immune system and several other factors vary from one woman to another. Here, the doctor-patient communication and the trust relationship between candidate parents and the assisted reproduction treatment center become critical.

In Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Centers; the unique characteristics of the patients, who want to become parents are identified, and the most appropriate treatment method to eliminate these causes is determined. After this stage, the parents who are longing for having their babies are informed in detail what type of treatment will be applied when, how, and why.

One of the many factors that affect the success of assisted reproduction treatment is to ensure that the patient feels safe and can be aware of what is going on during this critical process. As a representative of a tradition specific to this treatment field, Eurofertil Assisted Reproduction Treatment Center is aware that informing parents about their own body and problems makes a significant psychological difference for women and men with infertility problems in the process of having a baby. Being the pioneer of the tradition of specializing only in assisted reproduction treatment and the pioneer of the 'personalized treatment' approach have brought along new treatment options inevitably.

Golden Egg is a treatment method specifically applied to a challenging patient group of advanced age women with a statistically lower chance of having babies. The 'Golden Egg' approach eliminates the disadvantages of advanced age and creates a great difference in achieving the chance of becoming pregnant.


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