Serum Therapy

Serum is a fluid in the color of milk; which is given to patients who cannot be fed orally in intensive care. It contains several types of fats and soy protein. It allows for balancing the immune system in patients with two or more failures in assisted reproduction treatment. It was applied for the first time by a valuable friend of mine, Professor Carolyn Coulam from Chicago. Then, this method has been implemented into practice in many European Universities, and particularly in the Heidelberg University. We have been applying the serum therapy in EUROFERTIL over the last five years.

Studies on patients with failures in assisted reproduction treatment have demonstrated that; at least in some of those patients, the immune system did not function normally. Our immune system is programmed to eliminate and destroy any stranger that enters the body. The only natural exception is pregnancy. The baby inherits half of his characteristics from the father and the immune system of the expectant mother ignores this fact.

Serum therapy starts on the day of the embryo transfer. The serum therapy is repeated every two weeks. The treatment sessions are discontinued when the heartbeat of the prospective baby is visualized. The serum is administered via an intravenous line. It increases the success of assisted reproduction treatment in patients with recurrent failures, allowing for many couples to have children. As EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Treatment Center, we aim to assist patients with recurrent failures in assisted reproduction treatment cycles by providing new modes of therapy and to discharge them from our clinic with their babies as soon as possible. Serum therapy in assisted reproduction treatment is one of the successful methods we apply for this purpose.

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