What is EmbryoGlue?

It is a solution only to be used in embryo transfer that increases embryo adhesion. Along with the basic component of the culture solutions we use in the embryo culture in IVF treatment, EmbryoGlue contains a high concentration of Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic Acid), synthetic human albumin and other nutrients. It was developed to assist embryo adhesion after transfer, to mimic the conditions in the uterus, and for use only in embryo transfer. 


Embryo transfer is one of the most sensitive and critical steps of the IVF treatment. Before transfer embryos are evaluated and the highest quality embryos for pregnancy are selected. The selected embryos are drawn into a long, thin plastic tube called a catheter, together with the solution in which they are cultured. 

Afterwards they are transferred into the uterus with this solution under ultrasound. 

How does it work?

EmbryoGlue contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid(HA). HA is natural and is found normally in the follicular fluid in the ovaries, in fallopian tubes and in the uterus. 

HA builds a connection between receptors in the embryo and in the uterus wall. CD44, the primary receptor of HA, is found in both the pre-adhesion embryo and in the pre-implantation endometrium (uterus wall). HA also produces a solution that prevents embryo ejection after embryo transfer. This way Embryoglue, similar to the viscous solution secreted before attachment in the uterus, facilitates diffusion. 

How is EmbryoGlue Used? 

In routine embryo transfer, the embryo(s) are transferred together with the solution in which they were cultured. EmbryoGlue is a solution developed for use in embryo transfer only. Embryo/embryos are transferred from the culture solution into EmbryoGlue at least 10 minutes before the transfer, kept in the incubator, then drawn into the transfer catheter and transferred under ultrasound guidance. Embryo transfer is performed with EmbryoGlue. EmbryoGlue, which is rich in hyaluronan and has a density close to the density of the fluid in the uterus, supports the attachment of embryos. 

Proven Results of EmbryoGlue 

The solution we culture the embryos in contains 0.125 mg/ml of HA. However, EmbryoGlue which was developed specifically for embryo transfer contains 0.5mg/ml of HA. 

Many studies were done to date that compare solutions with low concentrations of HA and those with high concentrations of HA. While some studies found that high HA transfer solutions improved pregnancy rates, some studies could not find a significant difference. The number of patients in these studies were not high enough to prove a statistically significant difference. However, when all the patients across all the studies were analysed together, it was found that a transfer with high concentration of HA resulted in increased pregnancy rates. 

Who is Embryoglue used on? 

Since Hyaluronan is an organic molecule, Embryoglue can be used on all patients. No side effects were detected on any of the studies on this subject. 

It should especially be used on patients with repeating unsuccessful IVF attempts and low-quality embryo transfer. 

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