What is the Function of Folic Acid?

We frequently hear other people saying “Children from this generation are very smart.... These are folic acid babies...”.  When to start using folic acid? What is the function of folic acid? Folic acid is very important for development of the baby, and it plays roles such as protein synthesis, cell division and proper functioning of bone marrow within the body....

If you decide to have a baby, your doctor would recommend you to start taking folic acid. Even though this is a treatment that should be started after falling pregnant, starting earlier is very important for the development of your child within a few weeks that elapse until you find out that you are pregnant. A prospective mother who takes folic acid does that not for herself but for preventing disability of the baby.  Prospective mothers should pay attention to limit the daily dose of folic acid with 400 micrograms per day.  Any additional vitamins help mother to keep herself at optimal level when everything is normal.

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