Why EUROFERTIL In Vitro Fertilization Centre?



In 1999 when nobody had the idea of founding a centre that provides services only in the field of infertility diagnosis and treatment, EUROFERTIL has been founded in Istanbul in the lead of the medical director,

Hakan Ozornek

, M.D., for the purpose of providing services as a

ivf center

. As the first and only centre providing services in the field of reproductive health and in vitro fertilization, EUROFERTIL maintained the pregnancy rates above the global standards, opened new centres in many cities and made families feel complete by touching the life of thousands of individuals.



Today, a EUROFERTIL baby is born per each 8-hour period, and one more family that had

infertility treatment

enjoys the happiness of having a baby after they join EUROFERTIL Family.



Achieving pregnancy rates above the average of the USA which is the top in the world with respect to pregnancy rates, EUROFERTIL In Vitro Fertilization Group owes its success improved since the day it was founded to the team formed in the lead of Chief Executive Officer Hakan Ozornek, M.D. Personalized in vitro fertilization treatment approach has been developed by Eurofertil which offers the best treatment options to prospective mothers-fathers and maintains its position as a leading centre that is taken as a model by others.



Human resources of EUROFERTIL In Vitro Fertilization Centre consists of persons who show high performance for a long time in order to exceed their personal limits and maintain the success that did not come by coincident; have competence in their respective fields; are open to innovations; follow all developments in reproductive health,


 diagnosis and

ivf treatment

methods; avoid recommending any treatment method or practice that is not scientifically approved; implement diagnosis tests in Turkey as the sole address of these tests that are carried out by only a few in vitro fertilization centres in the world; utilize the cutting-edge technologies with experiences accumulated over a period of more than 20 years and internalized the corporate mission.



Each team member in


compete with each other, not with other centres offering similar services, in order to provide the best service. Therefore, gynaecologists, embryologists, urologists, psychologists, nurses, call centre operators, information desk and cleaning staff, patient relations staff,


coaches, financial directors, clinic coordinators make difference with their team spirit when compared with the other organizations and institutions.



The goal of EUROFERTIL is to ensure that prospective parents have the best experience through the best services offered during the treatment. This goal serves to the ultimate objective of making prospective parents’ dreams of having a baby come true and becoming a part of an ever-growing family.


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