EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Therapy Center

Even when nobody thought of an assisted reproduction therapy center that would only serve in the field of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, EUROFERTIL was founded in 1999 in Altunizade district of Istanbul under the medical directorate of Dr. Hakan Özörnek. Maintaining the pregnancy success rates above the world standard rates along with the service quality, EUROFERTIL; which is the first and only center that only provides services in the field of reproductive health and assisted reproductive treatment, has opened new centers in many provinces and touched the lives of thousands of people to help build up complete families.


Today; a EUROFERTIL baby is born every 8 hours, making another family undergoing treatment for infertility join the EUROFERTIL Family with the experience of welcoming a new baby. In our centers in Istanbul and Bursa; many families, who long for having a baby in our country, start infertility treatment to make their dreams come true.


The pregnancy success rates of EUROFERTIL are even more than the mean success rates of the United States, which is the country with the highest pregnancy success rates. EUROFERTIL owes its achievements to the team approach established under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Dr. Hakan Özörnek. EUROFERTIL sustains to be a leading and emulated organization that has developed a personalized assisted reproduction therapy approach, offering the most suitable treatment options for candidate parents today.


The EUROFERTIL human resources team implements a high performance culture to maintain the success that has not coincidentally achieved. The members of the EUROFERTIL team comprise competent and qualified employees in their fields of expertise; who has internalized the corporate mission and who are able to conduct with high performance for a long time in order to excel themselves, maintaining the success that has not coincidentally achieved. The EUROFERTIL team members are open to innovations and change, keeping up with all developments in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive health / infertility. The EUROFERTIL team members never advise any modes of treatment or practice for benefits that have not been scientifically proven. In Turkey, EUROFERTIL is the only center that can run diagnostic tests; which can be performed only by few centers in the world. The EUROFERTIL team consists of individuals; who can utilize the cutting edge technology on the grounds of around 21 years of experience.


Each member of the EUROFERTIL Assisted Reproduction Therapy Center team are in competition within oneself, not with other organizations that provide similar services. In this sense; our center is unique because of the team spirit contributed by every single member of the EUROFERTIL team including obstetricians, embryologists, urologists, psychologists, nurses, call center employees, receptionists, cleaning officers, patient relation employees, IVF coaches, financial directors, and clinical coordinators that all create differences from other institutions and organizations.


The aim of our team is to provide candidate parents with the best service throughout their treatment so that they can have an excellent experience. To be a part of an ever-growing family by helping parents to fulfill their dreams and build a complete family.


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