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EUROCLINIC SAGLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. ("Hereby named the company"), within the framework of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 kindly asks you to confirm that you have been informed verbally and the text of the consent form has been submitted for your information that your data is being collected by the company. In addition, you can always find the text at www.bebekistiyorum.com.

In our company, personal data is processed for reasons that do not require explicit consent, as well as on the basis of explicit consent.

In order to be able to talk about a valid express consent, it is necessary to give information on a particular subject based on free will.

First of all, we will explain what personal data is and what the processing of personal data is;

Personal Data: Any information belonging to an identified or identifiable person.

Personal data processing; Obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, classifying or using personal data in whole or in part by automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is a part of any data recording system. Any operation performed on the data, such as blocking.

Your phone number and address have been recorded by our company in order to carry out the diagnosis and treatment process given to you well, to establish communication during the treatment process and to exchange the necessary information. In today's technologies, there are also developing communication resources other than telephone and personal conversation. It is possible to benefit from these communication resources only with your explicit consent.

As you know, the information and documents we will share with you are mainly personal data of special nature, which are health information. Within the framework of the Personal Data Protection legislation, it is possible to communicate through the application called “BIP” and to deliver information and documents to you. However, in this case, the information will also be transferred to the service provider. If you do not consent to be communicated through the BIP application, exchange of information, documents, document images (report photo, etc.), communication and information sharing will be carried out by your personal visit or by phone call and by personally coming to the clinic. If you have explicit consent to communicate and receive information and documents through the BIP application, you must tick the box if there is no explicit consent.


A) Do you have your explicit consent to the use of the BIP application to communicate and receive information and document images?

I have my express consent  
I do not have my express consent  

If you have express consent, can you share the phone number to be used?


From time to time, our company organizes campaigns for the benefit of our patients and makes discounts on treatments. In addition, there are new developments in the treatments applied and there are new treatment methods. It is only possible for us to call and inform you, with your explicit consent, so that you can be informed about the campaigns implemented by our company and the developing and changing treatment methods. If you have your explicit consent for us to call and communicate with you to make a presentation, to inform you about the developments about our company, send emails about the campaigns, treatment methods and to learn your opinion, can you tick the box if you have explicit consent.

I have my express consent  
I do not have my express consent  

Your visual and audio data (photographs, videos, etc.) taken with your permission will be shared in our social media accounts and on our website from time to time in order to increase, promote, execute and improve the quality of the service provided. If you do not give permission, it will not be shared. If you have your explicit consent to the sharing of visual and audio data on our media accounts and website, could you please tick the box if you have explicit consent?

I have my express consent  
I do not have my express consent  

My choices have been made afterreading this explicit consent text by myself and of my own free will.



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