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Eurofertil was founded in 2001 by the medical director of Dr. Hakan Özörnek as the first in class healthcare institution providing services only in the field of assisted reproduction treatment. Eurofertil assisted reproduction therapy centers maintain their special feature of being the components of a leading institution that introduce and apply a personalized treatment approach. All medical units, embryology, andrology, and cryobiology laboratories of Eurofertil assisted reproduction therapy centers are equipped with the state of art technology in light of current knowledge. However, the uniqueness of Eurofertil is based on the grounds of having  qualified staff competent of using cutting edge technology for approved treatment indications.

In the field of infertility treatment and assisted reproduction therapy, the 'personalized and holistic treatment approach' requires to be competent in fighting against all dynamics that impair the reproductive health and prioritizing the patient uniqueness simultaneously. Owing to its competency in approaching each candidate parent individually to determine the most appropriate treatment method when they wish to have children; Eurofertil achieves higher success rates with assisted reproduction therapy compared to those of U.S.A.; which is the country with the highest success rates in the field globally.

These achievements can only be accomplished by a team of specialists; who are experts in their fields, making a difference at every step in the treatment process. The technology and knowledge alone will not be adequate to achieve the success especially with IVF without our teammates, who will use them in the most appropriate way. The difference of Eurofertil is the aspiration of becoming the one and only team touching your lives in the most important decision people make in their lives, that is, to make your wish of having children come true as fast and appropriately as possible.

The main aim of the Eurofertil team is to provide you only the best in class service throughout the treatment, to ensure that you will remember this important process as an excellent experience, and to stand by you until you embrace your biggest dreams.

Each new member of the Eurofertil team is selected through a meticulous interview in compliance with the corporate mission. Eurofertil's medical staff consists of physicians and biologists; who are experienced in the field of obstetrics and assisted reproduction therapy and who have built up experiences abroad. Years of experience and wisdom exist along with the idealism and passion of youth in every Eurofertil member.


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