Dr. Nazlı Uçunoğlu

Molecular Genetic Specialist

She was born in 1986 in Gallipoli. She graduated from Adile Mermerci Anatolian High School in 2004 and Istanbul University Science Faculty Biology Department in 2008. Between 2008 and 2011, she received her master's degree in Experimental and Molecular Oncology at Istanbul University Medical Faculty Institute of Oncology. Between 2011-2012, she studied English at the Browns English Language School in Brisbane, Australia. She started her doctorate in Molecular Medicine Program of Yeditepe University Health Sciences Institute in 2012 with foreign language exemption. During her doctoral studies, she worked on statistics at De Montford University School of Computer Science and Informatics in Leicester, England, from June 2014 to August 2014.

She has many papers published in national and international congresses on genetics and statistics, and published articles in national and international journals. She has membership of the Association for Molecular Cancer (MOKAD), Full European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), Cell Death Research Organization (HOAD), Turkish Biochemical Society, ESHRE and ESHRE PGD Consortium. She started working at EUROFERTİL IVF Center in 2015, completed her doctorate in January 2017 and still works as Genetic Laboratory Director at EUROFERTİL IVF Center.
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