Patient Rights

We Respect Your Privacy 

We would like to inform you that we particularly exercise care in storing and using your personal information that you provide us during the procedures you undergo or we receive through various other means. Information storage and protection is a component of our corporate policy. However, we cannot guarantee to protect your personal data when you browse other pages by using links on our website.

Retrieval and Processing of Your Personal Data

When you visit our website, our web analysis software automatically records your internet service provider, the previous webpage you visited, the webpage on our website that you specifically browsed, and the date of your visit and your browsing duration on our website page. Our website can use cookies and active components (for example, JavaScript) for us to determine your preferences and priorities and to produce solutions to meet your needs. You can set your browser to ask you whether to allow cookies or not or you can disable cookies completely. However, we would like to note that this may prevent you from using many web pages functionally. Your personal information other than that the above-mentioned ones will be collected only upon your consent via a reservation form or an inquiry.

Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We will use your personal information only to develop our website for technical and better marketing purposes. Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties without your prior permission.


We keep your personal information under protection against any possibility of cheating, loss, deletion, and unauthorized use in compliance with our privacy principles. Our privacy methods are regularly reviewed and reinforced by means of newly developing technologies.

Freedom of Choice

We would like to use your personal information to inform you about our new services and campaigns. It depends on your preferences whether to receive these announcements or not. If you do not wish to receive this information for any reason, let us know and we will delete your information from our system immediately.


You can contact us for information, suggestions, and complaints about the use of your personal information. Inaccurate or missing information will be corrected immediately upon your request.


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