Male Female
  • When I was a child my ovaries went up

  • I had the mumps after puberty

  • I had varicocele surgery, but my sperms did not get better.

  • I am younger than 35, I decided to have a baby 1 year ago

  • I am 35 or older, I decided to have a baby 6 months ago

  • I cannot have period without medication.

  • I have pain during my periods

  • I have irregular periods

  • My period continues for less than 24 days.

  • My period continues longer than 32 days

  • I have chocolate cyst

  • I smoke more than ten cigarettes per day

  • I cannot cope with stress of my daily life

  • I have alcohol more than 2 glasses per day

  • I have tea, coffee, coke more than 5 glasses per day

  • I am 10 kilos heavier than my normal weight.


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