Privacy Policy

Users (visitors) visiting the website “www.bebekistiyorum.com” created and used by EURO CLINIC SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. are deemed to have accepted this confidentiality agreement.

Data Retrieval Method Via Your Visits to Our Website

When you visit our website, the company uses cookies and collects data only to remember your preferences and to derive pageview statistics. Other than these purposes, no cookies are collected or no data are retrieved.

The company can automatically collect data during visits to the website (for example, the company can collect information about the internet browser you used to visit the website). This type of information does not contain any personal data. These records are kept only for statistical purposes to be used by the company to improve the website. When you visit the website, this type of information can be stored in your computer via minor software called "cookies". With "cookies", you will not need to adjust your settings each time you visit the website.

Thus, your privacy will never be violated. Also, you may disable data collection by choosing not to click on the "I agree" button or turning off "cookies" on your computer.

Aim of Data Collection

Collected data are stored and used by the company to develop, deliver, and supply relevant products and services; to identify the target group for marketing; to obtain statistical data, and to improve the website further.

Data Storage

The company guarantees the privacy of the collected data via the website visits of users and guarantees not to share any such data with third parties. Data storage will be processed in compliance with the law and regulations issued by the Republic of Turkey. The company cannot disclose, rent, or provide free delivery of any such information to third parties.

You need to read the "disclaimer" about the processing of personal data on our website.


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