What is Ovarian Reserve?

Fertility potential of a woman indicates the capacity of conception. In other words, it indicates the count and quality of the follicles (eggs) in the ovaries of a woman. Analysis of the ovarian reserve is very important for couples who want to have a baby. Important information is obtained with the analysis of the ovarian reserve and such information is used to determine the method of infertility treatment and chance of conception. High ovarian reserve is an indicator of the high follicle count and quality in ovaries and higher chance of conception. The most important factor that reflects the follicle count in the ovaries of a woman is the age. The follicle count and quality are reduced by age, especially after 35 years of age and this process is accelerated after 40 years of age. A woman with reduced ovarian reserve has reduced chance of natural or assisted conception, and the risk of miscarriage increases even if the pregnancy occurs.

What Does Ovarian Aging Mean?

Ovarian aging means the reduction of follicle count and thus, reduction in the egg quality.  Pregnancy potential is reduced when young women suffer from ovarian aging. 

What Is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing a method aimed at freezing and preservation of the egg retrieved from the ovaries of a woman for the future use.  Eggs can be preserved for a long time with this method that involves freezing with vitrification method applied under laboratory conditions upon retrieval of eggs from ovaries of a woman with vaginal ultrasonography.

Who is Eligible for Egg Freezing?

Ministry of Health that previously granted permission of cryopreservation only to women who will have cancer treatment amended the laws to grant right to “egg freezing” to woman with low ovarian reserve. All woman, whether young, married or single, who suffer from low ovarian reserve can have a chance to become mother thanks to egg freezing. The duration was previously limited with 5 years. This duration is not unlimited, and permission is granted for egg freezing within 5-year intervals.

My Ovarian Treasure...

Aging of the ovarian is a challenge for conception, not aging of the uterus. Frozen eggs of a woman who is 30 years of age will be the same when she is 40 years old; therefore, uterus aging will not prevent the fertilization and the egg will stay young. 


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