Day 3 embryo transfer or day 5 transfer?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients. This should be decided on an individual basis.

What are the advantages of day 5 (blastocyst level) embryo transfer?

  • The embryo with the best adhesion potential can be selected.
  • Multiple pregnancies can be prevented by a single embryo transfer.
  • The timing between the intrauterine membrane and the embryo can be optimized.
  • Genetic screening can be performed.

What are the disadvantages of day 5 (blastocyst level) embryo transfer?

  • Embryos that can attach to the uterus if transferred on the 3rd day but cannot reach the 5th day (blastocyst) in the laboratory may be lost.
  • There would be fewer embryos left to be frozen.
  • Cycle (treatment) cancellation is more likely.

Who is recommended to do a day 3 embryo transfer?

Day 3 embryo transfer is especially recommended to young patients with a low number of embryos whose embryos have not reached the 5th day before or did not get pregnant with a day 5 embryo.

Can similar results be obtained in day 3 and day 5 embryo transfers?

Similar pregnancy results were obtained with the day 3 and day 5 transfers in those with less than 4 fertilized eggs. The rate of live births is higher with day 5 embryo transfer in patients with a large number of eggs, and 5 or more fertilized eggs.

Should a day 3 or day 5 embryo be preferred?

The rate of live births is higher with day 5 embryo transfer with a good prognosis, high number of eggs, and high fertilization rate compared to day 3 embryo transfers. The risk of a multiple pregnancy is reduced with a single embryo transfer. However, the number of frozen embryos that reach day 5 may be lower. The risk of identical twins and pregnancy problems slightly increase with blastocyst transfer. Therefore, the decision about day 3 or day 5 transfer is made according to the patient and the cycle. Treatment is different for each patient and each cycle. It is important to personalize the treatment and choose the most appropriate transfer day for the patient.

Dr. Alev Özay

Gynecology and IVF Specialist


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