“Motherhood” is sacred, and we know it

IVF is the world’s most frequently used fertility treatment. Before choosing a clinic to start treatment, patients must consider the important elements such as;

  • Clinic and its facilities must be hygienic
  • Clinic’s personnal must be educated in the area of IVF Treatment, and laboratories must have the latest technological devices with the best equipment.
  • Clinic must offer you a doctor, specialized in IVF Treatment. Also your doctor must pay attention for your needs and offer options according to them.

In IVF Treatment, male semen cells (sperm) and female egg cells (oocyte) are combined outside the body, in a laboratory.After the forming of the embryo or embryos complete, they are placed in the uterus. There are many treatment options in IVF Treatment.

To help you in this treatment and to give you an option according to your needs, our treatment options are given below.


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